Go Go Dunkin Donuts!

Hey, whaddya know? A national employer is looking to get on the right side of the immigration debate! Dunkin Donuts is mandating that all of its franchises immediately begin culling employees who are not of legal status and checking all future hires against the Federal databases made available for just such a purpose. This move, of course, has raised some hackles. Good. Let “immigrant advocates” squeal – these sorts of steps are long overdue and welcome ones.
As for me, I think I’ll be dropping a few more coins into DD’s coffers for their trouble.

2 Replies to “Go Go Dunkin Donuts!”

  1. How dare you say it’s the “right” side! There is no “right” and “wrong” anymore!
    Seriously, I would totally go buy a dozen glazed right now, except that I don’t even think there’s a Dunkin Donuts around here.

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