A “Gideon” Experience

I can’t speak in detail about it, but yesterday offered me some clarity and insight into current goings-on in my life. I completely whiffed on an important step in pursuit of an opportunity about which I already had a great deal of ambivalence and so, like Gideon in Judges 7, it’s all on God now. I’m down to 300 men against 30,000 Midianites, thus I know that if “victory” is to be delivered to me, it’s God’s and God’s alone. It’s actually rather liberating because, should the experience result in a “yea”, I know I’ll have to take it but if it’s a “nay”, then I’ll know that it was never meant to be. Absent yesterday’s experience, this wouldn’t be the case – I could conceivably have credited myself with the “victory” and thus remained unsure of God’s actual plan.
I should know more inside of a week.

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