Bringing The “Must” Back To “Must See TV”

NBC has been seeing ever-worsening ratings these past few seasons, with last season’s output garnering them a fourth place finish behind Fox, if I recall correctly. Their endless Law & Order spinoffs and unfunny sitcoms seemed to indicate a network in desperate need of some hits, some decent programming. Well, much to my surprise, NBC has managed to bring a whole host of shows worth watching back to the tube.
Two of their new offerings, Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, have managed to leap to the top of my weekly viewing list and, combined with ABC’s Lost and NBC/Universal’s Battlestar Galactica, make up the only four hours of TV that I really “must” see each week. Add My Name Is Earl and The Office as good, very funny secondary fare and I’d say that they’re on their way back up.
BSG has yet to disappoint me – I’m hoping the same holds true for Studio 60 and Heroes.