I’ve been trying to process the election for the last two days and have come to the following simple conclusion: man, that sucked. I’ve tried to be sanguine and have succeeded at points, but the more the Dems open their mouths and the more the Repubs show that they’re ready to learn all the wrong reasons, I just want to scream.
I had lost my fire for running for elected office over the past few months but now, well, I don’t know. I just want to do something, you know?
I’ll write more about this tomorrow, probably. For now, it’s time to take some Alka Seltzer Cold and hit the hay.

One response to “Ugh.”

  1. AndyOne Avatar

    I view this as a move back to center. The Dems can not go too far right, and the Repubs (that just doesn’t sound good – lets come up with a new short-form: … I give up) are yanked back a little. Nothing crazy will happen until 2008, if the voters allow it.
    What is interesting is the following:
    1)Bush should have dumped rummy before the elections, right around the time that they publicy stopped saying all was well with the war-plan (3-4 weeks ago?).
    2) Now we’ll see some actual moves made on the auto-efficiency front
    3) We might actually see movement on the CO2 front. That would be sweet for us Diesel heads (for those unfamiliar, diesel is far more economical mileage wise and vastly better for the environment CO2 wise. It does put out approx 20% more NOx’s then same-size gas engines, which may or may not be linked to smog)
    4) I think the Dems have a real chance of doing something creative. Right now, there are a lot of “drives” for stuff for our troops overseas; stuff that the government should already be providing for. A good example: Phone cards. If your company sends you away, they cover travel expenses, meals, lodging, and communications. Why are the troops not allowed easy access (not, I am not calling for unlimited access) to talk to their families back home. This isn’t just an Iraq thing – ALL troops overseas should be given the same provision. The Dems should float this thru in time for the holidays. Of course, paying for it will not be pretty, but then again, NO ONE has been complaining loud enough about costs to date anyway…
    Hang in there. Don’t think about running yet. Still too much muck out there to be slung, and until we have more civilized campaigning (stop laughing at me), I advise to hang low. Yes, it forces/allows others to step up, who maybe aren’t as appropriate in your eyes, but it keeps your sanity and your family safe for now…