Fantasy Football Results, Week 10

My cunning plan!
The Barrage (191.50 pts) defeated Phyllis Diller Fan Club (180.25 pts)
The Barrage (191.50 pts) defeated Deep Fried Turkey (153.50 pts)

I returned to my winning ways in Week 10, moving to a 15-5 record with two big wins. While McNabb had what amounted to a rather pedestrian day with only 24 points, Tomlinson once again carried me to victory with a huge 49. And, in a stunning display of humility if I do say so myself, I sat Chad Johnson and thus spared my league-mates the embarrassment of having a 240+ point week. I’m so proud of me.
Two more weeks until the playoffs – I think I have a decent shot at finishing out the season with at least a 3-1 victory margin. TO’s Cry For Help and the bumskis may end up being tough opponents, particularly since the bumskis have both McNabb and Tomlinson as well. They did lose McGahee for our game, most likely, which definitely helps me.
Go Barrage!