Playing Catsup

My various browsers comprise a veritable swaying, swinging tower of memory usage, threatening to cause my poor little MacBook to go belly-up unless I divulge some of the various links I’ve managed to stumble across lo these many unblogged days. So, with that in mind, here goes.
Feltron’s personal “annual report” is a wonder of graphic design and self-deprecating humor that shouldn’t be missed. (He divulges, in a quiet deadpan, that the number of miles he “traveled” in 2008 includes miles traveled in Grand Theft Auto 4.)
The Palm pre is almost good enough to convert me over to a Sprint customer, at least in theory. We’ll see.
Jeff Bridges kept a personal photo journal while on the set making Iron Man. Awesome.
Also Iron Man-related: how one man’s Flickr photo ended up being featured prominently in the film.
Have you ever wondered how the TV networks get that cool first down yellow line on the field during NFL games? Wonder no more:

H/T Gizmodo.
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2007 Fantasy Football Results, Week 4

Rand-y! Rand-y!
League: Fulford’s Heroes
Hiphopopotamuses defeated Killer Sheep, 149.55 to 77.40.
Rhymenocerouses defeated Bruschi Bunch, 104.75 to 82.37.
Randy Moss came up huge in both leagues for me this week, sweeping me to victory. Had I had the foresight to start Patrick Crayton (picked up off the waivers in both as well), I would have smoked both teams by even greater margins.
I am now first in the power rankings in Fulford’s Heroes although I am in 4th place with a 2-2 record, while I am second in the RSGFFCL power rankings with a 4-0 record. I’m hoping for another big weekend out of T.O., Moss and Romo to keep both Jemaine and Bret on their respective rolls.

Fantasy Football Results, Week 1

I haven’t had much time to post today (I’m working on a bit of something secret with a few other WordPress hackers), but I thought I’d take time to let y’all know how our Conchords did this past weekend.
League: Fulford’s Heroes
Hiphopopotamuses defeat HOUSE HUNTER, 155.65 to 92.70
Rhymenocerouses defeated The Steel Hurtin, 89.53 to 76.35
An excellent start to a season, let’s hope the streak continues…
Applause for Bret and Jemaine has been moved to after the break because, well, it was just so distracting.
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Fantasy Football Results, Week 13

Da foosball!
Soldiers of Fortune (192.25) defeated The Barrage (153)
Well, that’s it, folks. The Barrage went down in a blaze of glory. I’m a little gratified that all the other division winners lost as well. I think it was just a bit of a freak week; in fact, there was only one higher-ranked seed that won this week. Every game was an upset.
I’ll be supporting my fellow division-mates throughout the rest of the playoffs, so we’ll see how that goes. Here’s to hoping next year’s season goes better.

Fantasy Football Results, Week 12

My prescription: pain!
Bumskis (163.75 pts) defeated The Barrage (151.75 pts)
The Barrage (151.75 pts) defeated CTRL-ALT-DELETE (135.25 pts)

As I predicted, I did indeed have trouble with the bumskis, primarily because of the loss of Donovan McNabb. Had I had a quarterback to equal t.b.’s Drew Brees, I belive I would have had a shot at beating him.
This week marks the beginning of the playoffs (the brackets are here, if you’re interested) and I believe I should win this week’s game fairly handily. Next week could end up being the end of the road for Yours Truly, however, as I could very well face the bumskis a second time. Only time will tell.
Go Barrage!

Fantasy Football Results, Week 11

Losing is for Dummies!
The Barrage (196.50 pts) defeated Team V (140.50 pts)
The Barrage (196.50 pts) defeated TO’s Cry for Help (143.75 pts)

I pulled out another two wins in stellar fashion – while losing McNabb for the season to a torn ACL, Tomlinson and Chad Johnson both decided to go off and score me the vast majority of my points. That, plus my providential pick of the Cowboys on the one week that Peyton Manning decides to act like a human quarterback added up to victory for The Barrage.
Now, I’ve got to scramble for a quarterback to help finish out the season. I’m in trouble this week, as the bumskis have Drew Brees and all I have to offer is Steve “Formerly ‘Air'” McNair. Bah, says I.

Fantasy Football Results, Week 10

My cunning plan!
The Barrage (191.50 pts) defeated Phyllis Diller Fan Club (180.25 pts)
The Barrage (191.50 pts) defeated Deep Fried Turkey (153.50 pts)

I returned to my winning ways in Week 10, moving to a 15-5 record with two big wins. While McNabb had what amounted to a rather pedestrian day with only 24 points, Tomlinson once again carried me to victory with a huge 49. And, in a stunning display of humility if I do say so myself, I sat Chad Johnson and thus spared my league-mates the embarrassment of having a 240+ point week. I’m so proud of me.
Two more weeks until the playoffs – I think I have a decent shot at finishing out the season with at least a 3-1 victory margin. TO’s Cry For Help and the bumskis may end up being tough opponents, particularly since the bumskis have both McNabb and Tomlinson as well. They did lose McGahee for our game, most likely, which definitely helps me.
Go Barrage!

Fantasy Football Results, Week 8

Rollin' rollin' rollin'
The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated Soldiers of Fortune (103.25 pts)
The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated The Man (142.00 pts)

Despite a horrendous performance from Donovan “Blowin’ Chunky Soup in Tampa” McNabb, I managed to roll to a 13-3 record, primarily on the back of Tomlinson’s 50+ points. I’m still in desperate need of some wide receivers and I could really use a non-damaged (*ahem* Roethlisberger) QB, as the Iggles have a bye this weekend.
I’m tied for best record in the league, although my power rankings are far lower (I’m about 200 points off the lead). This could mean trouble, come playoff time.

Fantasy Football Results, Weeks 6 & 7

And The Barrage uh… rolls on!

Week 6

Einstein vas rigght!
The Barrage (170.00 pts) defeated Fifteen by Female (167.00 pts)
The Barrage (170.00 pts) defeated El Diablo (A Mexican Fighting Chicken) (161.25 pts)

I moved to a 10-2 record two weeks ago, defeating two teams by relatively narrow margins. 15xFemale actually should have beaten me, but for some unknown reason she started several players who were on their bye weeks. So perhaps that should be a 10-2* record. Once again, I was buoyed by stellar performances from my running backs and was sorely disappointed by my wideouts.

Week 7

The Sign, not so much.
TrophyTaker (180.00 pts) defeated The Barrage (144.50 pts)
The Barrage (144.50 pts) defeated Pink Panthers (132.75 pts)

Despite a stellar game by McNabb, I managed to lose a game last week and move to 11-3. Fortunately for me, this puts me in a tie with the other division leaders, record-wise. Most of them have the edge on my in terms of power rankings, so I really need to solidify my receiving corps before the playoffs in Week 13. I just need some trade fodder – perhaps DeShaun Foster could provide some incentive… Well, it’s too late for this week’s matchups, in any case. I’m playing this year’s commish (Soldiers of Fortune) and last year’s (The Man) as well. I think I match up fairly well. Here’s hoping for two more wins.