Here’s To You, YouTube, Oh Archiver Of My Youth!

I have been searching for years, literally years for footage of the Sesame Street aliens on the Internet[s] and have come up short each time, so it was with great joy that I read this digg thread which pointed to the following:

This single clip, obviously, wasn’t enough to sate my hunger for those wonderfully disturbing aliens, and so I had to hunt down their encounter with a clock:

as well as their invasion of Bert n’ Ernie’s domicile:

and their meeting with none other than Old MacDonald himself:

This nostalgia-fest, of course, set me off on a hunt for more Sesame Street clips of yore which lead to the discovery of how crayons are made, The “Golden AN”, Teeny Little Super Guy, and the all-time freakiest count to ten that I have ever seen:

Egads. That one gave me nochtmares as a kid.
There are days that I really, really miss Jim Henson.