Ahh, YouTube, Making Up For My Dearth Of Real Posting Since 2006

Yes, I’m overworked and yes, this is the lazy way out, but just so’s y’all don’t skin me for no posts, I hereby present, in no particular order, Stupid Videos That Made Me Laugh Over The Past Week.
First up is Ricky Gervais and Patrick Stewart in a priceless scene from Extras:

Next is the more-than-a-little creepy Transport Robot:

I think I may have actually had one of these from Taaacoo Toowwwwwwnnn!

And last, but certainly not least, is “35 balls to the face in 32 seconds” from YouTube on the Tee VeeAmerica’s Funniest [sic] Home Videos:

Yeeehaw! Enjoy the tube ride that is The Internet[s].