Holy Sensationalistic Scaremongering, Batman!

Tycho over at Penny Arcade pointed out a trailer for a forthcoming scaremongering “vidjyo games is the DEVvill!” “documentary” called (are you ready for this?) “Moral Kombat”. Utterly irresponsible and disgusting, in the span of two short minutes this trailer manages to completely misrepresent video games as a whole and invoke the Columbine shootings, the Beltway Sniper and the 9 friggin’ 11 attacks as potential causal effects of a “violent” videogame culture. The usual suspects, such as Jack “I hate all young people” Thompson and Sen. Joe Lieberman, make appearances.
Gabe and Tycho treat this piffle with the appropriate amount of scorn in today’s comic, but I really have to worry about the mental health of my elders if they can so easily be swayed into beliving such sheer and utter garbage. I mean, old people (seemingly) will believe anything!


[…] Doug Stewart had a good post about an upcoming video game documentary about the affect of video games in our culture. You can also read about “Moral Combat” on the Apple Pro Video site (link). […]