Watch What You’re Doing With Your Hands There, Mister!

And you thought Jessica Rabbit’s underthings were something to get agitated about. Oops:

TV favourite Mr Tumble is greeting toddlers by saying “I’m f****** you” in sign language.
The CBeebies character says the gestures mean “I’m happy to see you”.
But angry parents have accused the BBC of jumbling up their signals. [I can’t possibly see where the confusion might be. -ed.]
Dad-of-one Jamie Miller, who works for the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, was stunned when he watched Something Special with daughter Katie, five.
Jamie, 32, of Northallerton, Yorks, said: “The signs for ‘happy’ and ‘f******’ are quite similar but it was still an awful error to make”

And here’s the gesture in question:
Those wacky Brits.