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  • Nissan GT-R

    You Brits think you’re so cool, what with your Top Gear and whatnot. Well, TG’s testdrive of the new GT-R solidly cements that coolness for all time. Holy cow. Only nit to pick with the video: guys, buy some racing tires or something. The squealing through the corners was just plain painful.

  • Mitchell And Webb FTW

    Merlin Mann has been on a bit of a That Mitchell And Webb Look-posting tear recently and, as such, he brought up two of my favorites, well worth posting (or re-posting, even). First, “Bronze Age Training Day”: Then “SS Officers/’Are We The Baddies?’”: Cracking.

  • Other April TomFoolery

    John McCain’s campaign gets into the act: BBC has a go: Lala and Dr. Tiki (of Tiki Bar TV fame) play on gawkers’ Lala fanbois’/Internet voyeuers’ desires:

  • Those Cheeky Brits

    Have you seen the BBC’s Top Gear[*]? No? Then you’re missing one of the best gearhead shows on the air currently, and there’s no better example of the awesomeness of TG than their decision to match up a Range Rover Discovery “sport” ute against a British Challenger 2 MBT: Now that’s some good television.

  • Watch What You’re Doing With Your Hands There, Mister!

    And you thought Jessica Rabbit’s underthings were something to get agitated about. Oops: TV favourite Mr Tumble is greeting toddlers by saying “I’m f****** you” in sign language. The CBeebies character says the gestures mean “I’m happy to see you”. But angry parents have accused the BBC of jumbling up their signals. [I can’t possibly…

  • Are We… Baddies?

    Hooray, for YouTube! It brings The Funny right to my virtual doorstep, copyright infringement be darned! From That Mitchell and Webb Look. Ahhh, the Brits, always ready with the humo[u]r-making.

  • Brit TV Producers – Not The Brightest Bulbs In The Pack

    From the Dept.-of-Big-Fat-Duhhhhs: Producers of the BBC children’s show Fireman Sam are in hot water with Brit fire chiefs and rightly so: FIRE chiefs are blazing mad with kids’ hero Fireman Sam for chucking water at an ELECTRICAL fire. One brigade has told the BBC to pull the episode for fear children may copy it…