A Free Wii!

Want a shot at a free Wii? Then fire up your blogging software, create a link to UNEASY Silence’s Wii giveaway and then submit a comment over there pointing to your link/story. Done. Easy peasy.
Or, alternately, you could decline from doing so and thus increase my chances of winning the Wii, you bunch of greedy Wii-grubbing fiends. In fact, forget I said anything. Don’t submit a link!

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  1. Heh.
    Good Luck my friend!

  2. HEY! I put in some cutsy comments – it must have thought they were HTML tags because I used them with carrots. you know – “”. What a bunch of crappy crap crap…

  3. EGADS! It even deleted the carrots from between the quotes! How does one portray that which resides above the period and comma keys?

  4. Well, you’ve got to put in &gt; and &lt; to display > and <, respectively.

  5. It’s mine aaaaaaall mine mine mine!! Hey, Andy1 already has one!!!

  6. Yes, I have one. It’s real, and it’s spectacular. Just picked up Tiger Woods 07. Haven’t put it in yet (still hooked on Madden)…

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