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Team Fortress 2, Wahoo!

We’ve spoken before as to the wonders of the forthcoming Team Fortress 2 (part of Valve’s “Orange Box” add-on to Half-Life 2). I submit the Engineer’s intro movie as further proof of the wonderfulness that is on its way: Awesome.

Achtung! Fans Von Den Old Skool Gamengruppen

Metaphorically run, do not walk, over to the official Command & Conquer site, where EA is now offering free downloads of the original Command & Conquer. Free games, no strings attached, and great ones, to boot, are a chance that…

Viele Verbindungen

Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren. Welcome to “Doug’s Brauhaus von Linkenarbeitsgemeinschaftigenluftenwarnungsteinen”. Tonight we are featuring a sumptuous feast of the finest in hand-picked links, personally selected by the owner. Please won’t you consider the menu? First off, we have…