Bloody Weather, Part Deuce

It’s been a rough few Nor’easter-fueled days at the ol’ Stewart homestead, I tell you whut.
Sometime Sunday evening, the water rose high enough in our basement to snuff the pilot light on our hot water heater. The water only receded enough to attempt a re-light last night, a re-light which ultimately failed as the piezo-electric contacts were apparently wet enough to prevent a decent spark, meaning that we were without hot water until I managed to get the beast kickstarted this morning. Fortunately for me, the gym at work has a nice shower setup, so I was able to grab showers before work the last two days. Unfortunately for my wife and child, they remained at home, safely out of the reach of any hot water for the same timeframe. Ironically, the plumber that my landlords called to come and get the hot water heater working again arrived just as my wife was stepping out of her shower this morning, an embarrassing situation all-around, I’ll wager.
Thankfully the flood waters have receded and we suffered no worse than that.