Random Links: Little Rays Of Orthogonal Sunlight For Your Dreary Lives

Frank J. offers a FAQ from the White House in re: the forthcoming illegal-immigration amnesty- and crime-enablingreform bill. To wit:

Q. I’m concerned that the immigration bill focuses more on giving illegal immigrants amnesty than border protection. Does the President share these concerns?
A. The President doesn’t hate brown people.
Q. This isn’t a racial issue. Many people think this bill will only encourage more illegal immigration and leave our borders open and dangerous. What are the answer to these charges?
A. To answer your underlying question, I’m afraid the the President is against your proposal to commit genocide against Hispanics.

Cracked.com offers the top 10 “secret” celebrity Scientologists and the top 20 “that guys” of all time, both of which are irreverent, crass, curse-ridden and worth a read.
Funky-looking clouds in Nebraska (I recall seeing something similar after a tornado back in MN at one point).
Blogs4God is back with an all-new Pligg-powered setup.
Tattling comes to a cinema near you.
Baby carrots aren’t “baby” anything — they’re re-purposed ugly carrots.
Bruce Willis frequents Ain’t It Cool and other movie-centric message boards and is man enough to prove it to a doubter.
How to fake a smile properly.
10 things you should know about WordPress 2.2 and three things developers will like about it.
Google Maps StreetView is da bomb.
Did I mention that I’m selling stuff now?