Friday Video Catch-Up++

I’ve been sick in addition to working on that super-secret WordPress-related project this week, so posting has been necessarily light. In a ploy to make up for that lack, I present my well-nigh bi-weekly slacker post, comprised primarily of video links I’ve found to be of an amusing and/or interesting nature.
First up, in honor of Ken Burns’ The War, Carbon Leaf’s “War Was In Color”:

What’s the opposite of “pimping” your ride? “Momming” your ride, apparently:

WARNING: Above video contains embedded advertising for Zima. Any crying, purchases of Aqua records or sudden fits of prancing, mincing or otherwise girlish behavior can probably be directly related to consumption of said beverage.
Groove to the Chemical Brothers’ “Salmon Dance” (by way of Viper007Bond):

Osama ain’t dead, he’s just in the Matrix!

From the Way-too-much-time-on-their-hands-file: dice stacking, a wickedly-awesome wooden “labyrinth”-inspired commercial for some Nissan car or another.
Congratulations go out to Nintendo Wii Fanboy for the only headline/reaction shot to make me laugh out loud all day: Uwe Boll Making Movie Based On Nonexistent Wii Game combined with an image that so profoundly captures shock, bemusement and utter revulsion with that extra geeky twist.
Picard n
Layer Tennis Live: competitive real-time Photoshopping. Now that’s geeky.
I done got a patch committed to WordPress that affected not only the trunk but also a branch! Of course, it was a correction for a simple spelling mistake, but still… *grin*
The Iconfinder search engine. Y’know, for finding icons.
Project planning: ne’er were truer words committed to cartoon form.
Project management.
The Onion: Hard To Tell If Wikipedia Entry On Dada Has Been Vandalized Or Not