2007 Fantasy Football Results, Week 4

Rand-y! Rand-y!
League: Fulford’s Heroes
Hiphopopotamuses defeated Killer Sheep, 149.55 to 77.40.
Rhymenocerouses defeated Bruschi Bunch, 104.75 to 82.37.
Randy Moss came up huge in both leagues for me this week, sweeping me to victory. Had I had the foresight to start Patrick Crayton (picked up off the waivers in both as well), I would have smoked both teams by even greater margins.
I am now first in the power rankings in Fulford’s Heroes although I am in 4th place with a 2-2 record, while I am second in the RSGFFCL power rankings with a 4-0 record. I’m hoping for another big weekend out of T.O., Moss and Romo to keep both Jemaine and Bret on their respective rolls.