This Is Going To Take Some Serious Getting-Used-To

Brett Favre. Viking.
It’s as though Darth Vader showed up at the rebel base on Yavin IV and said “Hey guys, can I fight for you?”
Methinks the rebels would be within their rights to say “Hey, Vade, thanks for the offer, but can you give us a minute to wrangle with the philosophical implications of this?”
Seriously, as a lifelong Vikings fan, it’s going to be weird watching the man responsible for ending not only games but seasons for the Vikes, always at the very last minute, dressed in purple and handing the football to Peterson. It could be Vikes up by 10 with 1:25 to go, Green Bay ball, and you’d just know that Favre was going to lead the Packers down for a TD in 0:35 or so, convert the 2 points and then they’d get the onside kick. Every time. Gah.
So it’s with mixed emotions that I welcome Favader to the Vikes.

3 Replies to “This Is Going To Take Some Serious Getting-Used-To”

  1. I think you mirror what most Viking fans are feeling right now. I think it says a lot of what a great player and person he is the way he is even welcomed by their former nemesis. As a Green Bay fan, it is interesting as well. When Brett comes back to Green Bay on 11/1 I can’t wait to see what type of reaction he gets. I am betting on a standing ovation. It should be a very exciting and interesting season for both teams. Cheers!

  2. If it’s any consolation, he’s still going to be ending games/seasons for the vikings.

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