Lets All Point And Laugh At The People Who Dont’ Know How To Apostrophize Or “Quote”

Grammar Nazi
Before I begin, I should admit to a bit of personal Grammar Naziism; that is to say, I generally have little tolerance for people who don’t take the time to learn to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar and thus inflict linguistic atrocities upon those of us that do care about such matters. Thus it was with no little glee that I stumbled across two marvelous blogs dedicated to cataloguing those atrocities in photographic form: the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks and Apostrophe Abuse.
That’s some good stuff right there. Seriously, people: if you’re going to commit wording to some physical object, be it a traffic sign, newspaper ad, billboard, menu, or otherwise, you just might want to get someone with a firm[er] grasp of the English language to proofread your copy before your stuff goes to print.

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