Who Says Dark Lords Of The Sith Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor?

Darth Vader, practical joker:


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Could be, I don’t know, but we can deny that Palpatine has a very notable
(and evil) sense of humor.
Darth Vader also…he said the next paragraph when he captured Master Jedi
Halagad Ventor:
“Halagad, old friend. It is a pleasure to see you again. My men say you have been uncharacteristically silent today—a far cry from the boastful braggart who craved medals and acclaim. You are a loud man, Ventor, wielding the Force like a club. The Force was meant to be used like a vibroblade. A slice here, a slice there, and I will carve the information I want out of your mind. Of course, when I am done, you may have a mind no longer. Pity.”