Summa Summa Summa Summeleon…

Browser Dump!
Browser dump/slacking summation time! I know y’all love it. Heavy on the videos, light on the eyes and the ol’ noggin.
BigDog: Mechanical military dog-like thing that creeps me out, mannnn (especially when they kick it). Looks like something out of Metal Gear Solid:

BigDog beta? Comedy gold (must watch first video first for full comedic effect). I especially like the swingset:

Hillary Clinton “exaggerates” the danger of an overseas trip, the Internet reacts:

While we’re on the subject of Hillary, Hillary Is Mom Jeans — mockery as a collective Zen koan (just keep refreshing your browser to see what I mean).
Microsoft Excel as a 3D rendering engine — the newest addition to the ever-growing list of “Projects Posted To The Internet By People With WAY Too Much Time On Their Hands”. (Click through to see the videos.)
Next up: “Trajan is the ‘Movie Font'”:

New York Times: punk’d/pwned by a putative Rickroller. Rick Astley: surprisingly okay with being made into an Internet phenomenon. Heh.
Beijing’s communist government’s attempts to clean up poorly-translated signage is hilarious enough on its own (“Racist Park”? “The slippery are very crafty?”), but the resultant Fark thread is a piece of collaborative Internet humor genius.
Censoring Easter as “too scary” for preschoolers: sheesh.
Learning quantum physics with Super Mario World: nice.
Those Wacky Brits, Episode #4,345 (since last year): Arming elephants with high def cameras.
The Obamas: comparative misers for ones so privileged.
News flash: overly-realistic “realism” in games is just no fun. I could’ve told you that.
Classic movies + voice acting cast of Spongebob Squarepants = hilarity:

Hollywood blockbusters re-imagined as Russian fairy tales — too cool for school.

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OMG, Doug! I probably laughed as hard as I ever have at bigdog beta. It took me a minute to realize it was four human legs!

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