Summa Summa Summa Summeleon…

Browser Dump!
Browser dump/slacking summation time! I know y’all love it. Heavy on the videos, light on the eyes and the ol’ noggin.
BigDog: Mechanical military dog-like thing that creeps me out, mannnn (especially when they kick it). Looks like something out of Metal Gear Solid:

BigDog beta? Comedy gold (must watch first video first for full comedic effect). I especially like the swingset:

Hillary Clinton “exaggerates” the danger of an overseas trip, the Internet reacts:
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The (Browser Tab) Week In Review

It’s that time again — time to offloadshare the most intriguing links I’ve stumbled across in the past week or so and thus unburden my poor computer’s swap spaceheart and soul.
Iron Man trailer — yes, have some.

Montana: withdrawing from the Union if the SCotUS doesn’t find an individual right to bear arms. Honey, when do we move to Butte?
Fast Facts, Fast Facts — Philadelphia! (cf Hodgman’s blog entry/The Areas of My Expertise if you’re confused.)
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Make Way For Hellary.

And now, your moment of Zen:
Hellary Cleft-hoof-ton.
Looks like the AP is a part of that DVRWC after all. Like rats fleeing a sinking Presidential campaign, the lot of ’em!
UPDATE: Aron pointed out that the likely culprit is the dastardly Tom Morrow; Hillary’s reaction likely not pretty.
(Found via the inimitable LGF.)

I’m Unsure As To The Cultural Significance Of Any Of This (Or: Obama Is A Cylon)

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Please note that we’re proudly running WordPress, despite Prof. Reynolds’ unkind words about it. *grin* (Surviving the Instalanche thanks entirely to Donncha’s excellent WP Super Cache plugin)
John "Col. Tigh" McCain!
Aron and I have long noted that Battlestar Galactica‘s Colonel Tigh (played by Michael Hogan) bears a more-than-striking resemblance to one Senator John McCain, an observation evidently shared by others (click the pic above to see the full image). However, we were unprepared for the sheer BSG-related brilliance a slip of the tongue could unleash.
Evidently, Aron’s wife inadvertently let current events slip into her speech the other night and, in referring to Edward James Olmos’ character, called him “Admiral Obama”. Aron shared this with me the next day and we had a good laugh over the prospects for a BSG-themed campaign.
And then he went and did something, well, brilliant:
Battlestar Galactica — the Campaign Edition
(Click the picture for full-size.)
That’s right, he gimped Obama and Clinton into the BSG continuum, with Barack as Lee Adama and Hillary as Starbuck. The disturbing mental Lee-Starbuck smooching visions this conjures up should likely be avoided by most thinking adults, as they are quite difficult to shake, I assure you, but the humor value far outweighs the risks in my opinion. [NOTE: Some seem to be under the misapprehension that the above picture is actually one of Obama and Clinton “smooching” — not so. Clicking the link only takes you to the full-sized version, I assure you. -ed.]
Now we just need to get Jeff Harrell to update his t-shirt design to read “Obama is a Cylon” and the circle shall be complete.
PS: I hereby declare myself the Official Google Winner for the first recorded electronic use of the phrase “Obama Is A Cylon“.
PPS: Non-watermarked version available upon request.
Here’s the rendering of the GOP that Aron gimp’d, back when this was still fresh and there was more than TighMcCain standing in the Republican field:

Click the image to see the embiggened source.

Run From Teh Hillary!

The Photoshop goons at Fark and SomethingAwful both happened across the following wonderful picture of Hillary Clinton mid-, well, something:
Hilarity (or is that “Hillaryarity”?) ensued.
OBLIGATORY FARK/SA WARNING: Juvenile content, cursing and all manner of inappropriate imagery abound in the above-linked PS threads. There are gems amongst the slop, however, to violently mix metaphors. You have been warned.