…Saint Crispin On A Cracker! That’s Some Good Sith!

GamePro got their grubby mitts on an advance copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii and, well, call me jealous. Their impressions of this early build are enough to make this Star Wars fan’s drool glands activate:

Having had extensive hands-on time with The Force Unleashed for Wii, we can indeed confirm that the combat makes great use of motion-based lightsaber attacks. It’s not 1:1 motion sensing, but it manages to mimic ‘saber swings in most directions (left to right, right to left, up to down, down to up, and straight thrusting). It’s not a completely new concept–Dragon Blade and No More Heroes used the same method to a degree–but a few additional Force-infused actions really sell the Star Wars Wii ethos. There’s blocking, which requires you hold the Wii Remote sideways so your on-screen counterpart can do the same. There’s also Force Push, which allows you to shove anything not bolted to the ground simply by thrusting the Nunchuk forward. A few basic actions are still mapped to standard button presses, but otherwise, this is about as immersive a motion-sensing Star Wars adventure can get.

They’ve even got a diagram laying out the full control schema.
Force Unleashed controls
Whoa momma. Yes, have some.