Scenes From A Preschooler’s Bedtime

Beginners BibleDialog, almost verbatim, from last night’s bedtime ritual:
Me: [Having just read the story of Moses getting the Ten Commandments from God] What did God tell Moses to tell the people?
Me: He said “Do not…”?
Will: Kill!
Me: And “Do not…”
My Wife: [Suggesting helpfully] “Do not st…”
Will: Steve!
Me: [Covering my mouth so as to obscure the smile now plastered across it] No, son, God did not tell Moses to tell the people “Do not Steve”. He said “Do not steal.”
Will: …Oh. Yes, do not steal!

7 Replies to “Scenes From A Preschooler’s Bedtime”

  1. I think we first need to define “to Steve” and then we can get a ruling as to its propriety vis a vis the Mosaic code.
    I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to “Leeeeeroooyyy Jennnnkiinnnnnss!”, though.

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