“New” “Video” “From” “Weird Al” “Yankovic”

[Sorry, I think I got carried away with the quotes just then. I’m never sure where to stop when it comes to the undisputed king of novelty/comedy/parody songs. Ahem.]
An original “Weird Al” song, sung in the style of the White Stripes, describing the Bill Brasky-esque escapades of noted talk show guest and celebrity game show attendee Charles Nelson Reilly animated by none other than the folks at JibJab. Exquisite.

See also: Skipper Dan and Craigslist for other videos off the forthcoming album.


Good catch, Stephane. Embedding was working when I created the post, but then someone disabled it. I complained to Al’s Twitter feed, but, well, with Twitter on the fritz… *grin*

They had the kitten cannon! That was great. I personally liked the cold fusion bit. Good to know Al keeps em comin. Of course, I always figure you to be at the point of Weird Al-dome.