Frank J. Cracks Me Up

Frank J. of IMAO fame can be hit-or-miss at times. Fortunately, today was a “hit” day.
Frank weighed in with his Blog Myths and Facts. A small sampling, to whet your appetite:

MYTH: Bloggers are partisan hacks.
FACT: We lack the editing and proofreading to have the status of “hacks.”

MYTH: Most bloggers are paid off by politicians to assert certain viewpoints.
FACT: Only 8% of bloggers are bribed for their viewpoints. The remaining 92% have too few readers to bother bribing them. OT, I would just like to once again gratuitously mention that Bush’s plan for Social Security is the way to go.

MYTH: The Daily Kos is written by ten monkeys fighting over one keyboard.
FACT: It is also edited by Koko “Screw ’em” the Signing Gorilla.


Intellectual Packratism

There’s something I need to admit to: I’m an intellectual packrat.
Let me explain.
I have a very hard time “throwing away” information, be it useless Simpsons quotes embedded in my brain, random files and images saved in my home directory, or countless open browser tabs on my desktop. My home office is littered with paperwork that desperately needs to be thrown away. I keep it all (I think) under the impression that, the moment I get rid of something (close down a browser window, toss a gas receipt), the information contained therein will be demanded of me the very next moment. Don’t know why I do it and I’m not quite sure how to stop.
For instance, here’s the queue of waiting blog entries that I’ve, for one reason or another, never completed:

I hereby declare an internal righteous struggle against the vile forces of information overload. By the end of the year, I wish to have no more than 3 browser winows open at a time, a clean home directory, and a minimal queue of blog entries awaiting my attention.
We’ll see how I do.