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Tim Taylor, Phone Call For You On Line 1

SSI Shredders appear to be really excited about their product offerings, so much so that they offer an entire page of videos demonstrating their shredder annhiliating everything from computers to mattresses to washing machines. Be careful where you watch those…

Finally, Some Validation!

I guess playing the role of “Grammar Stickler” (some would say “Grammar Nazi”, but then that’s invoking Godwin’s Law meaning they automatically lose. *grin*) has finally paid off. I came across this “commonly misused words” test by way of Owen’s…

“That 70’s Catalog”

Heh: “‘Rich’ and ‘masculine’ aren’t two words that usually come to mind when I think of corduroy. The two words I usually think of are ‘necrophilia’ and ‘shazbot’.” My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!


People constantly amaze me with the nifty little tricks they are able to put together using CSS on webpages. This maze (implemented entirely in CSS) stands out as one of the more amazing examples I’ve ever seen. Too cool.


If you’re interested in a rubber band gun that will put the Firewheel to shame, check out this rubber band Gatling gun. Wowsers.

Post-It Note Artwork

From the way-too-much-time-on-their-hands dept. Something tells me these UCSC engineering students 1) played way too much Nintendo in their earlier days and 2) had a bunch of free time with nothing to do. Still, what a cool concept

Numa Numa Returns!

Remember the Numa Numa kid? Turns out he’s a lad of 19 from Saddle Brook, NJ by the name of Gary Brolsma and he’s none too happy about his fame. Personally, I think he should bask in it. He obviously…