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A Sense Of Perspective

Randy Moss, ‘mooning’ Green Bay Packers fans: $5000. Green Bay Packers fans mooning Randy Moss: $0, but at least they’ll have a sense of self-satisfaction to keep themselves warm as they watch the rest of the playoffs from a bar…

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Fargin’ Brett Favre

I knew, I just knew that when the Packers had a good return (and were awarded the ball) on the last kickoff of yesterday’s game, Brett Favre (mythical Norse name: “Vikingsbane“) would march the them down the field for a…

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A Letter to Coach Tice

Dear Mr. Tice: Please make Daunte stop fumbling the ball on the goal line, as this makes winning very hard. Also, I hear that due to NFL rule changes, you can “challenge” questionable calls, such as any and all touchdowns…

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