Phriday Video Phun

Presented for your enjoyment:

  • Counter Struck: Counter-Strike meets the real world. Heh.
  • Those lucky British Microsoft sods – they got Ricky Gervais (of The Office fame) to do employee training videos for ’em. Brilliant. (Profanity warning: you know those Brits and their saucy tongues. A few NSFW words/topics are discussed in those vids.)
  • Bob Casey, Jr. ain’t reliable – Rick Santorum’s campaign says so.
  • Stephen Colbert offered a challenge to video editing geeks. The results are impressive in some cases, others not so much.

Uhh, Guys? You Can Stop Helping Me Now!

We PA residents have been following the Rick Santorum vs. Bob Casey, Jr. [Hey, wasn’t his father famous or something? -ed.] Senate race fairly closely, with most polls showing Casey in the lead. Regardless of his lead, though, I don’t think he’s going to be touting the endorsement from al Jazeera he just received too heavily, at least not in “The T”.
Yup, looks like Casey’s got that critical terrorist-sympathizer vote all sewn up in the Commonwealth, I tell you whut.