Uhh, Guys? You Can Stop Helping Me Now!

We PA residents have been following the Rick Santorum vs. Bob Casey, Jr. [Hey, wasn’t his father famous or something? -ed.] Senate race fairly closely, with most polls showing Casey in the lead. Regardless of his lead, though, I don’t think he’s going to be touting the endorsement from al Jazeera he just received too heavily, at least not in “The T”.
Yup, looks like Casey’s got that critical terrorist-sympathizer vote all sewn up in the Commonwealth, I tell you whut.

One Reply to “Uhh, Guys? You Can Stop Helping Me Now!”

  1. I’ve heard both campaigns bash each other the whole immigration issue and I think I’d still have to stick with Santorum. For those of you that don’t know here’s a quick synopsis:
    Santorum has “supposedly” voted with bush 98% of the time and hasn’t done much on the immigration bill, except try to block the one in the senate right now.
    Casey “supposedly” supports the immigration bill in the senate now… the one that requires them get back social security, tax payer funded college tuition, 2 years free of paying back taxes and higher wages than american citizens.
    Remember, there are a lot of “supposedlys” in there… but either way because Casey supports giving illegal immigrants so much for free, I can’t support him. That “supposed” bill is absurd. Even though Santorum isn’t doing much, at least he’s not giving them a free ride at our expense.

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