Wreck-It Ralph

This looks like it’ll be a hoot. I really like what the post-Pixar-merger Disney is coming out with these days.
“Zombie… BAD GUY!” “Hi, Zombie!”
I imagine Wreck-It Ralph apps for iOS and Android will be releasing soon…

And Now, Flying In The Face Of Convention, I Present: Some Videos

I know, I know, I abuse this crutch way too often, but the fact of the matter is that I’m busy almost all the time at work these days.
As a small token of my continued affection, dear readers, please accept my humble offer of
1) A description of Fair Use and copyright composed entirely of clips from Disney movies all individually passing the “fair use” threshhold:

2) A paean to the Super NES version of Killer Instinct, a game which grabbed my young brain by the cerebral cortex and refused to let go:

Jago 4 evar, baby!