Anthology Of “Meh, Could Be Interesting”

[Yes, the post’s title is an invocation of a certain Futurama episode. -ed.]
Presenting, with very little fanfare, a collection of (mildly) amusing links, etc. collected lo these many days.
The USS Robert A. Heinlein? Too cool for school.
Every friggin’ Transformer, like, ever sold on eBay for a cool $1 million. Fark Photoshoppers envision what classic toys are due for a big screen incarnation in The Quest For More Money.
LOLMETAL: a very Goth-y, very unselfserious extension to the LOL* meme.
Money magazine came out with their Top 100 “Best Places to Live”; Horsham, PA, right in my back yard, scored spot #15 on the list. Horsham residents collectively scratched their heads in confusion, chuckled slightly and then resumed waiting in infuriating MontCo traffic.
Duke sci-fi nerd takes university paper invocation of Star Trek “cloaking devices” way too seriously, gets roundly made fun of and most likely pantsed. (Greg Filpus, we salute you!)

Jay Leno on sodium hexafluoride: the stuff nightmares are made of.

Rob Paravonian: one bitter ex-cello player with an axe to grind with Johann Pachelbel.

“Gun Free Zones” — an obvious solution to the gun problem, right?

Source: Say Anything.
Unreal Tournament III: hammina hammina hammina.

Higher-quality versions here.
Fake news: 5 million car pileup kills Dallas-Ft. Worth. Real news: a wrecking ball got loose and rolled down the main drag in Meadville, PA and left a trail of destruction in its wake, eventually coming to rest in some poor sod’s Taurus’ trunk. And yes, there’s a slideshow of the car-nage. (Bwahahahaha!)
Head on over to the Simpsons Movie website and construct a Simpsonized avatar that looks precisely nothing like you. Here’s my attempt:
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If you’ve some free time and an itch for some free games, try out Crayon Physics, Chalk, Return of Egypt or XMoto.