Tag: SNL

  • Firelight

    It has come to this: REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE. But what do real mummies and monsters do?

  • Just Covering The Bases

    Bloomberg runs the obit for the still-alive Steve Jobs. And no, he wasn’t eaten by wolves, nor has Zimbabwe invaded. Heh.

  • Videos Out The Yin-Yang

    My in-laws have been in town for about the past week, so I’ve been a bit limited in terms of how much time I can get on the ol’ Lappy 486, and for this, I apologize. What follows is a compendium of the weird, wild and entertaining free videos I’ve stumbled across these last few…

  • I’m Ghost Like Swayze

    I know I’m pretty late to this game, being the old fogey that I am, but you simply have to check out Saturday Night Live’s recent paen to Nerdcore rap, Lazy Sunday, or, as it’s come to be known, “The Chronic (WHAT!?!) cles of Narnia”. And remember, Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals crazy delicious.