Holy Cow!

So it’s been a month in which lots has gone on with a new baby in the house and I’ve had a chance to collect more than my fair share of links that may or may not interest, astound and amaze you, so, you know, watch out! Links to follow!
I remember Name Lastname — he was one of my favorite Vikings linemen ever.
Cats in zero G = Spinning Corkscrews Of Claw-Filled Death:

By way of Philly Future, we have word of Geekadelphia, your Philly-local source for all things geeky.
Speaking of Philly, “The Curse of Billy Penn” pretty accurately captures the tragedy hilarity of Philadelphia sports chokage:

How many of the following 100 movies can you name?
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A Bitovaketchuppost

Cat Soup.
Apologies for the lack of posting — it’s been crazy ’round these parts. I’ve got a post cooking detailing the why’s and wherefore’s, but for now, won’t you accept some humble links from Yours Truly?
First up, I think the entertainment studios are learning a hard lesson in not ticking off the talent (that can spell and practices wordcraft for a living, i.e., the writers):

Also, do not mess with Metal Storm. Ever.

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