Holy Cow!

So it’s been a month in which lots has gone on with a new baby in the house and I’ve had a chance to collect more than my fair share of links that may or may not interest, astound and amaze you, so, you know, watch out! Links to follow!
I remember Name Lastname — he was one of my favorite Vikings linemen ever.
Cats in zero G = Spinning Corkscrews Of Claw-Filled Death:

By way of Philly Future, we have word of Geekadelphia, your Philly-local source for all things geeky.
Speaking of Philly, “The Curse of Billy Penn” pretty accurately captures the tragedy hilarity of Philadelphia sports chokage:

How many of the following 100 movies can you name?

The new Star Wars game looks pretty stinkin’ sweet.
Ahhh, to be in college, with more free time than sense, and a desire to make Mario Kart parodies again:

Speaking of “more X than sense”, how about the self-justifying story of a mother whose actions led to the suicide of her 13 year old neighbor? Disgusting.
Cal’s marching band done did Tetris on the field. Awesome:

Something Awful’s Anagrammed Video Games parts one and two (sub 1)/two (sub 2): mildly NSFW at points, but absolutely hilarious. I particularly liked “Satanic Veal” (Castlevania), “Queervest II” (Everquest II), “Oatmeal Nut Runner 2004” (Unreal Tournament 2004) and of course “Edible Hitler Chunk” (The Incredible Hulk).
The P.C. Police have gone too far — archival DVDs of Sesame Street shows called inappropriate for children because Cookie Monster eats a pipe. There are times I hate the world.
The Pillsbury Mansion is for sale and a steal at $53 million. As James Lileks points out, that’s gonna cost the buyer $133,000 per year in property taxes alone. Yowsa.
I want an exoskeleton for my birthday:Twisted Metal is coming back to the PS2. ‘Bout time.
I’ve played Tetris, but never on the side of my dormitory. In Finland. Via a mobile phone:

End of line.