Regular readers will recall that I’ve had TEH HATEZ0Rs for WJJZ for a long time and, I must say, the only thing better than having it go off the air once is…

Having it go off-air a second time.
So it’s only a mild step up, from “smooth jazz” to “adult soft rock”, but a step’s a step, y’know?

I’m Going To Need A Silver Bullet, Several Wooden Stakes, Wolfsbane, A Cross, A Young Priest, An Old Priest And A Whole Mess Of Garlic

My disdain for “Smooth Jazz” WJJZ has been well-documented in this space and, lo! I didst rejoice when I thought it had shuffled loose this mortal coil but, alas and alack, my mortal foe has returned. No longer content with sullying the upper end of the FM dial (a position it gained by forcing aside the once-glorious Eagle 106), the ever-hideous JJZ has reconstituted itself smack-dab in the middle of the dial at 97.5, a dial spot it gained to the detriment of the “meh”-inducing “classic rock” Hawk.

Be Careful What You Wish For

While I definitely rejoiced in the “untimely” death of Smooth Jazz WJJZ, my joy was definitely short-lived, as the corporate monsterswonderful, caring people in charge of such things replaced The Hideousness That Was with The Hideousness That Is – the “lovely” sounds of B-Fargin’-101 now fill our restrooms.

O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

…He chortled in his joy.
My issues with WJJZ 106.1 FM Philadelphia are welldocumented in this space, so it is with no little schadenfreude that I officially note its demise. I come not to praise Smooth Jazz, but to bury it.
The good news is that Smooth Jazz is dead in Philadelphia, replaced by an odd fusion of Sunny 104.5 and 95.7 Ben FM, by the inital sounds of it. The bad news is that this format change is apparently bringing Whoopi Goldberg to the morning airwaves; the loss of Kenny G., Michael Bolton and Dave Brubeck is worth it, though.