Zombie George Washington Demands BRAAAAANES, Warns Against Foreign Entanglements

Have y’all seen the new Presidential $1 coins the U.S. Mint is set to release? Here are the first 4:
The X-Presidents!
The wisdom of minting $1 coins when the population of the U.S. has shown, time-and-again, their resistance to such coinage aside, I’ve got to say: that’s the dirt poorest attempt at capturing our first 4 Presidents’ visages I’ve ever seen committed to metal.
George Washington, for instance, looks ready to try out for the next George Romero film:
Zombie George W.
Meanwhile, James Madison looks as if he vants to suck your bloot, having just polished off Dolley’s liver:
Vampire Madison!
Come to think of it, The New Adventures of Zombie Washington and Vampire Madison! would make a pretty kick-butt comic book. Image!, DC, Marvel: hop to it!