In The Absence Of Real Content…

Work still continues to be insane, so I’ve had no time for blogging on breaks.
While you look for meaningful content elsewhere, why not see what George Bush views as the #1 threat to America: zombies.

…Or is the #1 threat Guillermo? (Salty late night Kimmel language warning)

Be Kind Rewind looks like it has real promise.

How about a patriotic poetry slam? Would that make your day complete?

I’m not sure as to the legality (the site looks as if the Flight of the Conchords guys themselves may have put it up themselves with HBO’s permission…) but AllFotC.com has the first full season available in “HD” in streaming form, for those of you that wish to catch up.
And, just because I despise you all and wish for you to break your brains, Chocolate Rain: