Linux Geek Out Moment of the Day

A gent by the name of Konstantin Ryabitsev posted the following priceless message to the Fedora devel list last night and I had a hard time containing my laughter as I read it.

P’rhaps only the Fedora geeks out there will find it funny, but I was completely cracking up.


<rh_pr> We are announcing Red Hat Project! A community-based distribution!
<oss_crowd> rh_pr: Neat.
<rh_dev> rh_pr: Uh… I’m not ready.
  * rh_pr is away: promoting rhel
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: what do we do?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: I’m not sure.
<rh_legal> rh_dev: don’t do anything until I say it’s ok.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: what can we do to help with Red Hat Project?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: uh… file bugs and help test things.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: didn’t we always do that?
<rh_sales> hey, all, if you really want a stable system, don’t use fedora project. It will eat your brane. Buy RHEL instead.
<rh_dev> rh_sales: stfu

  — rh_pr removes voice from rh_sales
<fedora_us> hey, all, check out our neat community-driven system for red hat development
<oss_crowd> fedora_us: ooooh!
<rh_pr> fedora_us: I like your name
  — fedora_rh joined the channel

<rh_legal> much better
<rh_pr> We are announcing Fedora Project! A community-driven distribution!
<oss_crowd> rh_pr: Neat!
  * fedora_rh waves

<fedora_us> I’m not dead yet.
<fedora_rh> fedora_us: don’t confuse things.
<fedora_us> fedora_rh: does this mean we’re merging?
<fedora_rh> fedora_us: maybe
<rh_legal> fedora_rh: don’t do anything until I say it’s ok.
  — fedora_us joined #limbo

<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: so, what can we do to help?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: uh… file bugs and help test things.
<oss_crowd> sigh… didn’t we always do that?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: I know, let’s all go in the circle and say our names.
  * oss_crowd goes in the circle and says their names. This lasts several months.

<fedora_rh> So, there will be the following features in the next release of Fedora Core.
<oss_crowd> Uh… Hold on. Who gets to decide?
<rh_sales> We do. That stuff will be neato for RHEL-4.
<oss_crowd> MMkay, then. When do _we_ get to suggest things?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: feel free to talk among yourselves.
  * oss_crowd talks among themselves about new features.

<fedora_rh> btw, feature X will be disabled in the release.
  * oss_crowd glares at fedora_rh

<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: nice of you to tell us while we were sitting here talking.
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: sorry, it’s just not happening.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: when do we get to decide what’s happening?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: Dunno, I’ll ask rh_legal
<rh_legal> rh_dev: ugh, /msg me
<rh_sales> rh_dev: let’s not do anything rash here.
  * fedora_us gets tired of sitting in #limbo
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: I want to see more of the “community” part of the whole “community-based” thing
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: how about at least a publicly accessible CVS/SVN tree?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: Yeah, that would be cool.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: finally, some movement. When is that going to be up?
  * rh_dev is away: talking to rh_legal
* oss_crowd tries to occupy themselves and do things like fedoranews and fedorapeople.
<oss_crowd> Uh… ping?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: what’s up?
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: We’re feeling kinda useless. What exactly is our role, again?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: well, it would be really helpful if you could test some things and file the bugs.
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: ugh. We ALWAYS did that.
  * oss_crowd begins to wonder what exactly is the purpose of fedora_rh
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: it’s the open-development, proving-grounds for new technology component of Red Hat, as opposed to RHEL.
<rh_sales> Told ya it’ll eat your brane.
  — rh_pr kicks rh_sales from the channel (you’re a dolt)
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: so, let me get this straight. Effectively, you want us to download the packages you release, test things, file bugs, and submit patches.
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: Sure, why not?
<oss_crowd> …but when it comes to things like features, direction of the project, and which software to include in the distribution, it’s the decision of Red Hat?
  * fedora_rh is away: I AM RH
<fedora_us> I’m still not dead.
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: How is that different from how things were before the whole “publicly-supported distribution” thing?
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: where is that long-promised public CVS/SVN repo?
<rh_dev> dunno, talk to fedora_rh
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: look, such things don’t happen in a week, ok?
<oss_crowd> IT’S BEEN A YEAR!
  — rh_sales joined the channel
<oss_crowd> /mode +b rh_sales
  — You’re not ops in here.
<oss_crowd> figures


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