Penny Arcade: Things That Make You Go “Wha…?”

As my wife and I prepare for the imminent (Imminent, do you hear me, child?) arrival of our baby, Penny Arcade helpfully (and graphically) alerted me to a “benefit” of the whole birthing process that I was unaware of.

You know what? I’ve reconsidered and, if what they say is true, I think I’ll just avoid the whole delivery room experience, thankyouverymuch.

3 thoughts on “Penny Arcade: Things That Make You Go “Wha…?”

  1. Wow, I was expecting something about how the woman poops a little when the baby comes out. That was much worse.

  2. Yes. Yes it is worse.

    You know what’s worse than that? People actually do that sort of crap.


  3. OK now I’m just sick. Thanks….thanks alot.