Shouting At The Radio

I don’t know why I don’t learn my lesson. Tonight, as is commonplace between the months of October and June, 770 WABC out of NYC cut The Buzz short to broadcast Devils hockey. In these circumstances, I’m faced with an awkward listening choice for my evening commute.
Should I 1) listen to what passes for “modern rock” here in Philly, 2) tune in to the country music channel (no thanks), 3) listen to the abominable Philly talk station or 4) tune the dial to NPR. Normally, I try to avoid NPR. Alas, commercials tend to annoy me far more than public broadcasting, so eventually, my fingers will find FM2 Preset 6 on my car stereo. And, NPR being what it is, I’ll get caught up in the momentum of a story.
However, I generally have (how can I put this nicely?) differences of opinion with the hosts of NPR shows, let alone their guests. So, it’s not an entirely uncommon thing for me to find myself actually shouting at the radio on my way home from work. The guest on Terri Gross’ show today, Philip Taubman (deputy editor of the New York Times editorial page) had me just about frothing.
My wife asks me why I subject myself to this. The truth is, I just don’t know.