WordPress Mass Migration Continues

A few stories to note on the WordPress front:

  • Tuomas Kuosmanen (better known in the Linux/GNOME community as “tigert”, developer of the gimp and various other GNOME-related software) has upgraded his blog to WP 1.5 (and given it a glowing review in the process).
  • The developers of Cerberus Helpdesk (the helpdesk product we’ve been using at work, to great effect) have started a WP-based blog to keep the Cerberus user community up-to-date on CH-related development.
  • Another GNOME developer, Jamin, has moved from MovableType to WordPress 1.5 and has come away mighty impressed.

I think the MT developers seem to have shot themselves in the collective foot by changing their licensing scheme. I’ve noticed quite a few blogs very publically migrating away from MT and to WP (the fact that WP near-flawlessly imports old MT content is a big plus) and this accelerating trend could be very bad news for Six Apart.

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