What. The. Heck?

Optimus Prime: another life claimed by colon prostate cancer.
That might possibly be the oddest sentence I’ve ever comitted to screen or paper.

3 Replies to “What. The. Heck?”

  1. “A prostate specific antigen blood test and a two second look at your tailpipe can save your life,” said Atkins.
    Oh, it’s just a 2 second look at your rectum. You’ll go gay for a few seconds. You’ll wish you were dead but remember the pain forever. J/K
    When I have to get my buttwhole looked at, (it’s actually the new medical stadard to call it ‘buttwhole’ (you do have to pronounce it Boot-whol-ay, though), I’m going to lube it up with some of that stuff anal surfers use so kill all feeling. Aparently, that stuff works. (My lovely financee went to a sex toy party. Good stories.)

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