How Did I Let This One Slip By Me?

Legion of BoomAlbum title: Legion of Boom
Artists: The Crystal Method
Released: January 13, 2004
I’ve been a Crystal Method fan ever since first hearing Vegas and was a little disappointed in Tweekend, their sophomore effort. Legion of Boom more than makes up for that musical misstep.
Tweekend ventured a little too far towards rock sensibilities, to the detriment of the truly transcendant beats that made Vegas the masterpiece that it was. LoB brings the beats back in a big way.
If you have any interest in electronica/dance/techno music, I would recommend that you go out and pick this one up. If you’re a Crystal Method fan and, like me, somehow missed out on LoB‘s release, go now and get it. You won’t regret it.


No problem, Dennis. Always happy to push a little more good music on anyone who will listen.
Btw, ever heard Deckanddrumsandrockandroll by the Propellorheads? Also an excellent album, perfect for long coding sessions.

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