Inaugural Philly WordPress Meetup

Philly WordPress Crew
The Philly WordPress crew (Left-to-right): Maurice (Mo), Ryan, Yours’ truly, Andrea and Owen.

Artsy.The inaugural Philly WordPress Meetup was held yesterday at Fergie’s Pub in Center City Philadelphia. A good time was had by all (as Andrea and Ryan have already attested to). We talked about WordPress and the direction it’s going, what we’d like to see it capable of, etc. We talked about blogging in general – where we first started blogging, how we like our current hosting providers and IIS vs. Apache, to name a few topics. The conversation drifted to operating systems, gratuitous OS eye candy, Linux usage and a whole host of other topics. Cheese fries were enjoyed in abundance and I must admit enjoying to a pint of Yuengling draft. Mmmm.
It looks like next month’s meetup is again slated to be held at Fergie’s so if you’re a Philly-area blogger, please consider joining the fun. I’ll try to be there, but I think I’m taking the train in next time (beats paying $12 for stinking parking. What does Philly think it is, New York City or something now?).

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Philly WordPress Meetup
On Saturday, Berta and I went into the city to meet up with some of the local WordPress users. I had anticipated seeing a few people I had talked to only online, and was anxious to meet some new bloggers.
It turns out (and this is no suprise to me) …