Blogger Autosave Function

Now this is cool. Blogger has apparently implemented an “auto-save” function for blog posts, meaning that if you’ve composed something at work and forgotten to save it as a draft or if your browser crashes in the middle of a composition, you can simply restore your post from the last auto-saved version.
Matt has indicated that he’s wanted to do something similar for WordPress for a while. I’d like to heartily endorse this notion. Maybe for WP 1.6?

2 Replies to “Blogger Autosave Function”

  1. There has been many an occasion for me to curse the fiends that wrote my web browsers due to crashed sessions and lost posts, I can assure you.
    Another one of my favorite tricks for inflicting self-aggravation is to inadvertently click the “close tab” button and nuke my hard work in a split second.

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