A Big Fat Cleansing Breath

I started the week out hopping mad, if y’all couldn’t tell. I may have even been a tad bit, well, intemperate, to put it mildly.
However, after taking a day or so to cool down, I believe that I erred in flying off the handle and electorally threatening Senator Santorum in the way that I did. By getting as angry as I did, I basically ceded the intellectual field to anyone and everyone else. If I were to follow through on my threat, I would not be punishing those in the GOP most in need of an attitude check (read: McCain and the other six signatories of the MOA), I would be punishing the other 48 Senators who, ostensibly, have no final influence over how the gang of seven behave. In the end, this would simply have the effect of magnifying the power of those “moderates”.
So I withdraw the vituperation of the past two days. I’m still pretty ticked and if I happened to live in one of the states represented by any of the seven Senators in question, I would definitely be organizing a primary challenge against them. No productive end is accomplished by my blind rage, though.
In the meantime, you really should check out Jay Tea’s take on “the Big Guy’s Burden” which is simultaneously moving on both a personal and a political level, as I happen to be both Republican and a big guy and my primary school experiences seem to have been remarkably similar to his.
“Big Guy’s Burden”. I like it. Think I’ll keep using it.