A Dearth Of Posts

Apologies for the lack of posting over the past few days. I’ve been extremely busy at work, helping to upgrade our existing SourceForge install to the latest and greatest version, installing an update to our calendaring server and slowly taking over the centralized Apple administratin duties, all of which have incurred significant investments of time and effort.

Today was spent at the wedding of my old college roommate (howdy, Ivor and Rachel!), from which my wife and I just returned, having taken the “scenic” route home (translation: we took a route that I thought would get us around some particularly nasty construction, only to be blocked by some form of street festival in Lansdale which, given our unfamiliarity with the general area, caused us to get lost and have to find our way home using a not-so-accurate map. Sure was pretty, though.).

Tomorrow afternoon will be spent at my parents’ house, as my grandmother is in town from Arkansas and it’s Father’s Day, after all. I tell you, I’m going to need a vacation, and soon. As is always the case, though, none is in sight and I’ve got to save my time off for the arrival of our child.