A Hateful Ideology

I had a few posts in the hopper for today, several of which were upbeat or lighthearted in tone, but in light of the terrorist bombings in London, I just don’t feel right in putting the posts up.
Obviously the “48 hour” rule is in effect, but this attack has all the hallmarks of an al Qaeda attack and a website claiming to be run by an al Qaedan European cell is taking responsibility. The timing is rather interesting, as it coincides with not only the G8 summit but also the announcement of London’s 2012 Olympic bid win and the trial of Abu Hamza.
As I made my way in to work this morning, I was listening to the BBC’s feed via NPR and I almost broke down in tears as I heard eyewitness accounts of the atrocities. Memories of 9/11 came flooding back in and I wanted to weep for the Britons who have lost their loved ones.
I want to lash out, I want to destroy the hideous “religion” these monsters practice. I want to give the residents of Mecca and Medina a 24 hour warning and then nuke both cities, demonstrating once and for all that Allah is a false god unable to defend even himself, let alone his “brave” mujahideen.
I know that these thoughts are extremely non-Christian and I struggle with them mightily. How do you “turn the other cheek” when monsters have blown your cheek off? I have to trust God’s justice and His timing. These men, comitted to their Satanic religion will be punished, but for now, I am overwhelmed with sadness.
May God bless and comfort all Britons today and may they all know that we in the US have them in our thoughts and prayers.

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