The Civilizing Influence Of Females

From my better half via email:

Just read your blog about this morning… just wanted to remind you that the Brits are the originators of the stiff upper lip, thus they would not be offended by life going on. Pray for the victims and their families… but don’t [lose] heart or hope. And revenge will not solve anything…

As usual, she is quite right. Simple vengeance won’t solve anything. My intemperance this morning came out of a frustrated, human-solution-centered mindset. There’s no way that we can forcibly win the hearts and minds of those so led astray by a nihilistic, demonic ideology. It truly is a God-sized problem in so many ways.
In re: the Brits’ “stiff upper lip”, trevino over at RedState gives real on-the-spot confirmation of such a mindset:

After the rain, a cool, clear day dawned across Britain. The brilliant sun produced a brilliant blue in the skies above. A few white clouds scudded through the azure. It was a beautiful morning. A bright morning. A morning I’d seen before, in New York City forty-five months past.
This morning was the Bloody Seventh.
As I write, I sit in a terminal at Edinburgh Airport. I am London-bound in one hour. A crowd is gathered, rapt, about a flatscreen that has been repurposed from displaying departures information to Sky News. The scenes from London we’ve seen before: the wailing sirens, the wreckage in the streets, the wounded staggering about, the dust-covered civilians. Only before it was New York, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Madrid. Now, in London’s agony, only the details are changed.
So many here are on cell phones. Everyone knows someone in London. I borrow a cell and try to call home. I try again and again. Again and again British Telecom informs me that all international lines are dead. People look as you’d expect them to look: stunned, glazed, appalled. Across from me, a young woman slumps against her boyfriend’s shoulder and stares into the distance, her eyes full of weary tears.
Sky News speculates that this is somehow the work of anti-globalization activists. But everyone knows this is a classic al Qaeda operation: civilian targets, mass casualties, simultaneous attacks. Confirmation will come in time. The immediate matter is to sort the living from the dead, care for the former, and bury the latter.
Once buried, it will be time to avenge them.
Perhaps the villains’ expectation is that the Briton will quail as the Spaniard, reacting to massacre with headlong flight from foreign fields. I think not. About me, I see older Scots with a steely flint in their eyes. The reckoning will come. There is a soul of honor beneath the ribs of death.

Emphasis mine.
It’s good to hear of that resolve. Let’s hope those Scots’ resolve is held by their English countrymen to the south.

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  1. Call forth the ghost of Churchill and remember what was overcome so many years ago and unleash the wrath that the old allied forces have used before!

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